Tofu Soup

Our best-selling item, made with Daebak's very own unique broth.

Kimchi Soup​

Healthiest soup, with our own handmade Kimchi.​

Beef Soup

The beef and radish in this soup are boiled for a long time to give it a thick broth.

Bulgogi Soup

Sweet and savoury soup made with Bulgogi sauce.


BBQ Beef​

Original Korean Bulgogi, where sauce is made with the freshest and healthiest ingredients.

BBQ Pork

Daebak's very own special sauce with the freshest and healthiest ingredients, such as fruits.​

BBQ Chicken

Daebak's special sauce made with 21 ingredients thoughtfully mixed together.

Gochujang Pork

Stir-fried with our unique Gochujang (Chili Paste).


Army Stew Ramyeon

Simplified version of the famous Army Stew, with chicken sausages, SPAM and vegetables.

Korean Ramyeon

Simple is the best. It's the classic Ramyeon with a little addition of our secret recipe.

Kimchi Ramyeon

Classic Ramyeon with an extra addition of our own handmade Kimchi.

Dumpling Ramyeon

Pork & Vegetable Dumplings are added to make the classic Ramyeon more special.

Seafood Ramyeon

The addition of Seafood makes the soup for the Ramyeon so much more refreshing.



Widely popular healthy Korean dish, with our own specially made mixing sau

Kimchi Fried Rice

Classic menu for Korean's lunchboxes. Made with our own handmade Kimchi.


Vegetable Pancake

Daebak's newest menu! Healthy and affordable side dish.

Spicy Rice Cake

One of the most famous Korean after-school snack.


Combination of Ramyeon noodles & Spicy Rice Cakes.


Black bean sauce made with our own secret Daebak recipe.


Healthy combination of vegetables and glass noodle, stir-fried with specially made soya sauce.


Korean's go-to menu at the street-cart restaurants.



Add an extra bowl of rice to mix it with your main dish!

Fried Egg

Fried egg goes along well with any of our menus!

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