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Virgin Vinyl flooring vs. Recycled Vinyl Flooring

One topic worth considering while buying vinyl flooring is whether they are made from pure virgin material or from recycled vinyl. Although you might find the recycled vinyl to be a better ecological and sustainable alternative, it’s equally important to know that recycled means PVC.

The standard of the recycles vinyl is not the same as the pure virgin vinyl. Recycling involves mixing some other materials to the vinyl and this will definitely affect its standards.

Research by the Healthy Building Network reveals that toxic hazards are now reintroduced into our homes, schools and offices in recycled vinyl content that is routinely added to floors and other building products. “Legacy” substances used in PVC products, like lead, cadmium, and phthalates, are turning up in new products through the use of cheap recycled content.

However, if you wish to build strong flooring, considering the risk of toxic, danger and lifespan of your floor, it’s better to choose 100% virgin vinyl materials which Daebak Flooring only retail 100% virgin vinyl flooring made in Korea that is safe for your family, provide better durability and at a competitive affordable price.

Make sure that you choose from certified manufacturers who have met all the standards of Quality Management System, European International standards, and have passed all floor tests.

Wood Parquet Flooring vs Vinyl Flooring

Definitely, if you are looking for something natural, durable then wood flooring is your best choice. However, do note that wood flooring tend to be more expensive than vinyl flooring which is an alternative. Recent years, vinyl flooring been gaining popularity for their resistance to moisture, easy maintenance and installation, and the difference in cost.

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